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May the Force be with you

This is a track-back to chachamaru-san’s blog. I just write down this article to brush up my English, so the contents would not be consitent, and you would not be content with it, but never mind.

I don’t know if “KI” is based on Buddhism but I'd say it's rather based on Chinese martial arts like taichi (太極拳) in a sense of fighting spirits, and in daily life, it’s based on Shintoism. I don’t remember who said it but there are several religions in the world, Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, etc, plus Japanism (日本教、I don’t know the exact term). Japanese believe in their own religion, Japanism. darth_vaderThey do not believe in a specific religion like Christianity or Buddhism or whatever but Japanism.
So you may assume “KI” is based on Japanism. In a long history of Japan, Bushido has been influencing Japanese citizens in many ways and it might have started long time ago, like Kamakura peroid through the age of Provincial Wars (戦国時代) to Ed period. And always “KI” played quite an important role in Samurai’s life. I guess “KI” in martial arts like Aikido would have something related to what you say “KI” in daily life.

Anyway, nowadays "Power of the Force" would be one of interpretations of "KI".


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Well, you might be right. "KI" is not merely come from Buddism. I must concider about that more carefully.

投稿: chachamaru | 2005/07/14 00:55

"Zen" must have had a quite significant role in Samurais' lives. So it'd be true that Buddhism is one of the most important factors in "KI."

投稿: taki | 2005/07/14 22:37




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