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How many notes?

Notesといっても帳面ではないよ、パソコンのノートでもない。音楽ネタが続いたから音符か?・・・前回のネタは、One Note Sambaだったし・・・でもないのだ。

以前にネタにしたFire Rainbowの写真を送ってくれたNYのおばさん(叔母ではない)が、また面白いといって送ってきたのが、ジンバブエの強烈インフレによる札束、つまり Notesの写真。

Z Zimbabwe Money $

Just to release your mind and your stress. In this world, Most people are stress; rushing and chasing for the money....

Some ends up fighting and killing others just because of money...
In Zimbabwe , all the peoples having a lot of money but they're poor....


Z22 500 million note, just printed in May 2008.....everybody have it....maybe just nice for 1 breakfast/lunch (equal to about USD 2).


Here is another laugh for the Zim money pictures.  It made me think of Yen, Like a million Yen is only $10,000.  I used to think what if you have to carry a few million Yen in cash?  Probably need a very large bag!

大体、誰が a few million Yenを持ち歩くんだい?


Thank you for photos again. In Japan, nobody carries a few million yen except for very special cases, so don't worry. We are not so rich.

We have 10,000 yen notes which is similar to $100 notes in the U.S. It's common to carry a few 10,000 yen notes. But usually we use 1,000 yen notes or coins that's similar to $10, $5 and $1 notes and coins in the US. So the situation would be quite similar except that you have more notes like $5 and $1, and you tend not to carry $100.
So, I think you have to carry more notes in daily life in the US.




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